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Tourmaline Bar

Pink Tourmaline is the stone of love, compassion and represents our  beautiful Mimosa bar  perfectly. A fun, beautiful, airy bar, perfectly garnished with fruit, it is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser

Most Popular for :  Brunch Events, Baby Showers, Corporate Events.

Packages Starting at : $750

Citrine Bar

 The Citrine Crystal represents happiness and has an energy of Joy. Our Glitzed Citrine Bar will keep the fun times rolling with sweet drinks, life size games and quirky props. This is the bar of choice for a carefree, fun engaging event. 

Most Popular for : Birthday Parties, Cookouts, Family Reunions,

Packages Starting at : $750

Pearl Bar

 Our Glitzed Pearl Bar brings a vintage glam flare to any event.  Our Pearl Bar features fruity  and refreshing Sangria or Punch based Drinks. 

Most Popular for : Intimate Events,  Corporate Events


Packages Starting at : $750

Diamond Bar

Diamonds are a symbol of richness of self. Our Diamond Bar is our most luxurious bar and is for the Gem who believes that they are worth it.  The Extra Glam that the Diamond Bar delivers is the perfect luxe compliment to any event.

Most Popular for : Milestone Birthdays, Weddings,  Bridal Shower

Packages Starting at : $2000

Sapphire Bar

The Pink Sapphire is believed to carry good fortune and intense love. This bar provides an overflow of sparkle and bubbly  all made with love and a splash of glam.

Most Popular for : Weddings, Retirement Parties, Corporate Events.



Packages Starting at : $750

Onyx Bar

The Black Onyx symbolizes strength and the release of positive energy. Our Onyx Bar is our sophisticated, masculine energy bar, and is for our finest Gems who want a bar that exudes strength and power. This luxury bar includes a variety of cigars and complimentary snacks.

Most Popular for : Milestone Birthdays, Weddings, Retirement Parties

Packages Starting at : $2000

Image by Ecaterina Tanase
Image by Amanda Vick
Image by Mads Eneqvist
Image by Amy Shamblen
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